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The Gamers Assembly 2017, will take place the April 15th to 17th in Poitiers. With 4 TrackMania² tournaments: TrackMania² Stadium, TrackMania² Stadium|Dirt, TrackMania² Stadium|FullSpeed and TrackMania² Canyon. We received more than 100 maps! We thank you very much for participating of the creation of the mappack!
TrackMania² Stadium:


GA2017 - Excalibur by mdpoint.xt

GA2017 - Proper Education ft.wormi by wally

GA2017 - Kurnik (ft. Zerd) by cvrk

GA2017 - Sky's the limit (bye) by

GA2017 - Success Unlocked by buzy



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TrackMania² Stadium | Dirt:


GA2017 - DubNation by dulf

GA2017 - Eric Jacquepin by tityl

GA2017 - Kosmic ft. Bytigato by buzy

GA2017 - Prophecy ! by nix_gueiish69

GA2017 - Split ! by gueiish69




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TrackMania² Stadium | FullSpeed:


GA2017 - Sad Machine by cyril7

GA2017 - Smurfing by hunter_

GA2017 - T-Rex Hunter! by rexine-hunterluu

GA2017 - Try Hard by rex-racer

GA2017 - Elemelons by amin22




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TrackMania² Canyon:


GA2017 - A New point by loann0408

GA2017 - Smurfing by zengo

GA2017 - Come Back by chrishk

GA2017 - InsertNameHere by acdmw

GA2017 - Lost Soul (Feat. ChrisHK) by r_teroor




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